How it Works

The program will connect with NSW syllabuses to offer a blend of learner-led, group work and mentoring experiences, including music, cooking, creative arts, nutrition, fitness and technology. Underpinning all program activities will be a focus on literacy and numeracy.

Referral Pathways

Selection to the program is by referral from the CEDP’s Wellbeing and Behaviour Team using criteria including:

  • early identification
  • attitude of openness to a fresh start in learning
  • willingness for home and school visits by MLZ / CEDP staff prior to enrolment
  • students and families / carers agree to “buy-in” to and support this opportunity
  • access to essential background information about the student’s reasons for non-attendance

MLZ is not equipped to assist students with extreme psychological or behavioural issues.


The program will be delivered by five qualified staff and supported by the services and expertise of the CEDP. These staff are selected on the basis of their ability to build trusting relationships with students, to be flexible, to value diversity, to honour cultures and spiritualities, and to model fairness and justice. The Marist ethos of family values, solidarity and concern for the welfare of young people will be central to the work of MLZ.

Young people will follow personalised pathways and learning plans, encouraging them to use their creativity, problem-solving skills and individual interests. This approach will empower them to address the issues which prevented regular school attendance. Involvement of parents and carers, the students’ schools and the wider community is integral to MLZ practice.

The program connects with the international community of the Marist family worldwide, offering a unique intentional opportunity for an expression of inter-culturality, well suited to serve the diversity of Mount Druitt and surrounds.

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