Connecting disengaged youth back into their learning


Marist Learning Zone (MLZ), established in 2017 as a temporary re-location for young people enrolled in a CEDP school who have disengaged from their education, have begun learning activities for 2020. Following on from a very successful 2019, MLZ have begun assessing student needs and arranging learning activities adapted for each student.

MLZ aims to establish a new pathway for disengaged youth to re-connect with education, other forms of training, or employment.

Their approach aims to develop all aspects of our students' lives: social as well as academic, physical as well as spiritual.

In their work with students, they take into account students' individual differences, their family situation and their school attendance pattern. Staff work hard to create a welcoming family environment where students feel safe and are able to participate fully in the range of activities we offer.

In this way, students grow in their academic skills, self-confidence and ability to relate confidently with their peers and with adults.